I have been participating at the Giro delle Dolomiti for many years, now more as a tourist than an athlete and for many more days of the event itself. The organization, considering that it is complex and long, is perfect, you can breathe humility and professionalism, the participants are now almost all foreigners. Once we spoke Italian, then German, and now English! It is a pleasure to witness the success of the most beautiful multiday road bike amateur event I have known. I knew the organizer right from the beginning, but lately there has been a fantastic progression of the event. When I learned that the organizer has relied on InGiro, I understood why.

Peter, participant, Germany

We started working together in December and immediately we found analytical skills, even psychological support (organizing an event is not as trivial as it seems), feasible ideas, interesting ideas but above all a certainly professional approach such as the initial analysis (Get to know and Got to do) that allowed us to plan all the interventions to be implemented in a timely manner so that both the brand and the event can achieve the goals we have set ourselves!

Alessandro, organizer, Italy

Collaboration leads to the desired results if the approach is methodical and planned. The certainty of being able to put into the hands of those who do it professionally and have contact with many other organizations helps to concentrate on other day-to-day issues by comparing themselves periodically on the strategy to be undertaken.
This is certainly what we found in InGiro, combined with a good dose of discretion and diplomacy to manage the different individuals involved.

Martina, tourist promotion agency, Italy