Many events, also multiday events, be it for pros or amateurs, event brands little or well known, manage to exist only because a myriad of volunteers who run the Organizing Committees and/or are actually those helping out during the events. Very often we speak of events with high growth potential but not sufficiently strong to continue to serve all participants with success.

InGiro aims to assist, consult, help and grow (or maintain) the goals events have set themselves. And certainly, InGiro wants to help improve so as to meet all requirements set by all stakeholders. Reaching or exceeing high expectations is easier if financial requirements are met with sufficiency without losing its own identity.

We are particularly careful as to what concerns the financial means of the client when asking for our help. That’s why we offer different options such as an all-in package, by project, hourly tariffs and success fees.

InGiro doesn’t want to be actor but rather the regisseur when offering its help so as to reach together he set goals.


Never be afraid to ask yourself questions, and seek the answers, be curious and think of tomorrow. Always.

– Create an event from scratch

– Extend a daylong event to a multiday effort

– Team up with local partners such as hotels, local tourism offices and more

– Convey your brand so as to hit the headlines

– Do a due diligence of past events and support the analysis with the aim to reduce safety risks

– Analyses the market, competitors and surf ideas as to brands and events


Without athletes, volunteers and sponsors nothing happens. That’s why it is very important to convey correctly and efficiently your image, also and especially in difficult moments.

– We suggest, prepare and send press releases

– We elaborate and program social media marketing

– We open and managed your social media accounts

– We know if and how to promote publishing material

– We have access local and international journalists

– We take pictures, we film and we take care of all the way till the publishing in tv and radio