TOWANT is an agency dedicated to the organization of informal and unconventional initiatives for architecture studios. TOWANT collaborates with some of the most important brands of Italian and international design as well as with some of the best known online and off-line editorial titles.

TOWANT projects contribute to create a network selected among the design studios involved, press operators, design partner companies and the interlocutors who represent the various reference targets for the studies themselves.


Creazione di un evento podistico a Milano con un identikit nuovo e sorprendente, con un target ben identificato e una partecipazione internazionale. Assistiamo TOWANT nella ricerca di sponsor e partner tecnici, e sopratutto affianchiamo l’instradamento della manifestazione senza intoppi per quanto concerne autorizzazioni, polizze, enti di promozione sportiva e altro.

The creation of a running event in Milan with a new and surprising identikit, with a well identified target and foreign participation. We assist TOWANT in sponsor and technical partner research, and mainly we will work with the routing of the event smoothly for what concerns authorizations, policies, sports promotion entities and more.