brand & event building in sports

InGiro is a young consulting company, openminded, dynamic and with a solid international network.

We offer consultancy services to already established or new events, we look for lasting growth potential, services with the aim to improve security and safety issues, all with an innovative and sustainable approach, in Italy and abroad. Bridging the relationship between sponsors and organizing committees, we are the ideal partner for athletes, organizing committees, local tourism operators and companies.


Organizing committees, events and brands are constantly under exam, all this in the segment of sports where on one hand laws, norms and requests are ever more articulate and complex, and on the other hand participants and sponsors expectations are steadily rising.


Never be afraid to ask yourself questions, and seek the answers, be curious and think of tomorrow. Always.

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For many difficult to deal with, but if managed well, they can be the best travel companions you can think of. Sponsors do need you, but many don’t know it – yet. We are here to help!

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Without athletes, volunteers and sponsors nothing happens. That’s why it is very important to convey correctly and efficiently your image, also and especially in difficult moments.

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We help you find answers to your many questions. From the most obvious to the least obvious.

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We always try to exceed expectations and see limits, generally speaking, more of an input to go beyond rather than the end of a task. We aim to look beyond the fence in order to help our clients win with courage, determination and, why not, a bit of craziness, certainly a must-have for all sportsmen. Supporting the event organization in all aspects is what we do: indoor, outdoor, downtown, events lasting several days, winter and much more. Teaming up with a series of experts we know well in order to consult also in fields usually less known but not necessarily less important such as legal and financial issues, communication strategies, too.

We have worked with:

Giro delle Dolomiti

Molveno Lake Running

Design Run

Bolzano Bozen City Trail


A snapshot on the world of sports and its brands delivering a vast array of topics to discuss about. Ideas, comments, articles and much more. From local papers, weekly magazines, international newsfeeds.


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